How To Reissue Passport And Check Passport Application Status online ?

How To Check Passport Application Status? : You are reading this page that means you know that passport is an important travel document issued by the government of India. You can say a passport is necessary identity proof that identifies you as a citizen of India. Once you have completed passport application process, you need to wait until your passport is an issue. But you can check the status of your passport application during this waiting period.

You probably know that Check Passport Status can be easily tracked online with different Passport Seva Kendra for that you need some details like file number or application number that you noted while applying for a passport. There may be many reasons to check passport status like you may want to track correction, changes, any update or changes made to your passport, etc.

How To Reissue Passport And Check Passport Application Status online
How To Reissue Passport And Check Passport Application Status online

You can find many ways to check your passport status online. Here we are sharing some of the easy ways by that you can track your passport application status with your computer.

Passport Application Status Online

To check passport application status online, you need to visit the official passport website which is Once you open this website, you can find the option which is “Passport  Application Status” on the home page of that site. See the following screenshot to make it clear.

Once you clicked on Track Application Status, you will be redirected to the next page. Follow this step to track your passport application status.

Getting the current status of your passport is easy. Click to given button to open official passport website.Once you open this link, you can find the following page.

passport website

Once you are on this page, you can see you need to fill up the three details in that form which are:

  • Application Type: You need to select the application type from drop down box. You can see following option in that drop-down box.
    • Passport/PCC/IC
    • RTI
    • Diplomatic/ Official Application
    • Surrender Certificate
  • File Number: Here you need to insert file number that you noted at the time of applying for a passport.
  • Date Of Birth: Your date of birth. You need to enter your date of birth in an appropriate format. Which is (DD/MM/YYYY). You can use the calendar symbol for select the date and avoid the confusion

After filling up the correct information, you need to click on “Track Status” button.

You will now see the current passport status on our screen.

Above we have explained a very common method that is used widely by the passport users to check their passport status. There are many other ways that you can use to check the passport status. To know about a different method to check the passport status, please continue.

Track Passport Status By SMS

This is another way to check your passport status with your mobile phone. To check your passport status with SMS, you need to follow this process.

You need to send SMS to 970 4100 100

Message text that you need to write is:  STATUS <your file number>

Once you send the SMS on the above number with your appropriate file number, you will receive a reply with your current passport status in response to the SMS. You can use this method with your mobile. However, the passport status online is updated at a real time, and that is a most popular way of tracking passport status among the applicants.

You need to keep in mind that the necessary information that you require to check the passport status is 15 digit alphanumeric code. This code is issued at the time of your application submission.

Track Passport Status By mPassport Seva App

This is another easy way to track your passport application status. This is one of the mobile application by which you can track your passport status. This app is available in all most leading platforms like Android, BlackBerry, IOS and Windows. You can download this application via Google Play, BlackBerry World, App Store and Windows Phone.

To track the passport status with this application you need to enter your file number and birth date. You can also follow the Passport Delivery Status with this mobile application.

Indian Passport Application Status Types

After checking the status of your passport, you need to know what your passport status says right? Here we are also explaining different types of passport application status that you can see while checking your application status.

You need to keep in mind that after applying for your passport you need to wait at least five business days before getting an update on your passport application status. After that, you will be able to track your passport application status.

During this all process of your passport application you can notice that your passport application status changed several times to show the progress of your application. Check out the most common status listed below.

1) Application Submitted:

This status indicates the application form of your passport has been submitted with the document along with the application fee.

2) Application Under Review/ Application Under Review With Reason:

This status indicates the application of your passport is being processed or is being under reviewed. You might see the reason for this status that is self-explanatory. You can see various reason like “Null” or “Resubmission Require” or “Data Entry Modification Require” etc.

For sort out this, you may need to visit Passport Seva Kendra.

3) Police Verification Pending:

This status indicates that your physical police verification is not completed yet. If your police verification has been hold-up, you may have to rectify this at the police station, and you need to provide the required information. You might see the following reason with this status.

  • Police verification initiated.
  • The police report submitted.
  • Police report under review.
  • Police report not clear

4) Passport Granted

When your passport process is completed successfully, you can see the status of your passport is passport issued. It will be printed and dispatched by the RPO. You can see the following status once your passport application is granted.

  • Passport Printed: This means your passport is printed and you will be notified once your passport is dispatched.
  • Passport Dispatched: This means your passport is dispatched via speed post. You can also see the speed post tracking number there.
  • Passport Returned or Undelivered: This means your passport can not be delivered to your address. In this case, you need to contact your regional passport office.

This post is specially made to guide you to Passport Application Status Online. Hope you will understand the process of checking your passport status and you can help us by sharing this process about passport status.

Documents Required For Passport

Passport is the document which is issued by the government of the particular country. This type of documents is mainly used to prove your identity and citizenship in the world. This will be one of the documents that you require to travel any place that means it allows you to go to foreign countries.You can read here a list of documents required for passport application.

Passport Application Fees

Costs of passport application depend on what type of passport application you applied for.There are two schemes available for using Indian Ordinary PassportNormal scheme and Tatkaal scheme. The difference between normal scheme and tatkal scheme are a delivery period, and fees start from Rs. 1,000.00 to Rs. 5,500.00.

How to Apply For Passport Application Online?

Are you planning to apply for a passport? It is great; you might know that you require a passport for so many reasons. If you are planning a world tour, then the passport is the first document that you need. We can say that passport is a legal document that issued by the government and it is valid over the world.You have to fill up the Passport Application Form for applying.The process is long, and you’ll still have to go to the passport office, but you definitely won’t need an agent to get the job done as long as you follow these steps.

How to Make Passport Appointment Booking Online?

The process for booking PSK appointments through Passport Seva Online Portal has undergone a few changes. As per the new process, appointment date/time will be automatically allotted by the system as per the availability of appointment slots at the desired PSK.Prior payment of passport service fee has been mandatory for passport booking appointments at PSKs. For this purpose, the Online Payment feature has been introduced through the Passport Seva Online Portal

How to Renew Passport Online?

An Indian passport is usually valid for 10 years from the date of issued. Passport renewal is required before or when existing passport expired. You can not renew passport more than one year before the expiration date of your current passport. When a new passport is issued, an old passport will be canceled and return to applicant. Applicant’s old visa in old passport are not canceled and can be used till the expiration date of Visa.

How to Reissue Passport Online?

Re-issue of Passport is required when the old passport has completed its validity from the date of issue. One can also apply for re-issue of when a new booklet on account of change in essential particulars like name, address, change in birthdate, etc. or when all the pages have been used.All passports have a given period for which they are valid, and after the expiry date, the passport is considered invalid for travel, or as a recognizable, legal identification.

You need to remember that the online status of your passport application may not alway reflect the current status. Sometimes the status may not up-to-date or not entered correctly into the system due to some error.

We will update this page regularly with new updates related to passport status. You can ask anything if you have any question regarding this guide in the comment section below

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